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All you need to know about hiring a car in Kenya.

You have landed here seeking answers to some of the pertinent question regarding car hire in Kenya. We strive to share with you as much information as possible on what our car rental business has been asked over the past fifteen plus years of experience in this comprehensive FAQs.

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Kenya?

Renting a car in Kenya will cost you anything from USD. $50 per day to USD $300 per day depending on the type of car you would like to hire and over what period of time.

2. Is it safe to hire a car in Kenya?

It is safe to hire a car in Kenya. You need a valid drivers’ license, Passport with Valid Visa to the Republic of Kenya or a valid Kenyan National Identity Card, Location of residence and funds to pay for the rental.

3. Which car can I hire to go on safari in Kenya?

You can hire a medium size SUV like a Toyota Rav4 or a Toyota Landcruiser with and open roof. These vehicles are all available.

4. Can you drive with a foreign driving license in Kenya?

Yes, you can drive with a foreign driving license for a period of one year. After which you will need to apply for a Kenyan driving license through the process of either going to a driving school or seek endorsement of your foreign license to allow you to drive in Kenya.

5. Can I pay using my credit card or debit card when renting a car in Kenya?

Yes, you can pay using your credit or debit card. However, just like all other transactions caution needs to be take. We would advise that you make part payment/deposit to a company bank account.

6. What documents do I need to have before hiring a car in Kenya?

You require to have original copies of your valid Driver’s licence, National ID / Passport and the following secondary documents; Official letter from your company/employer, business licence certificate, valid entry VISA (proof of entry into the country), work permit, Work Place Identity Card, Utility bill or any other relevant document.

7. What do I need to hire a car in Nairobi?

You will need your valid driver’s license, your National Identity Card and work place ID and funds for payment of the hired vehicle. For foreigners, we shall request your Passport with a valid Kenyan visa, your valid driver’s license from your country of residence, your itinerary during the period of hire, and the

8. Which is the cheapest car hire company in Kenya?

Well we unable to tell which company is exactly the cheapest as there are very may corporate and individual players in the Kenyan car hire market. This means the prices shall vary from one company to another. We do however, advise that you compare like-for-like quotations from different suppliers to get the best deal. As they say cheap is expensive and we would like you to do some form of background checks on the service provider. At SunRays Rent-a-Car Safaris we pride ourselves in offering cars for hire at affordable rates.

9. Can you rent a car with a driver in Nairobi?

Yes, it is possible for one to hire a car with a driver. The rates for this will be marginally higher than self-drive car rental because of factors like driver’s allowance which is about $30 per day. You will need to confirm the chargers when making your booking.

10. If I rent a car at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport – JKIA can you arrange for an airport transfer with the car I have rented?

Yes, we can to organize for an airport pick up and transfer for you. We shall not charge anything above the already agreed price. If the group is larger than then the capacity, you have requested, we can work out a plan for your group airport transfer at an additional cost which is dependent on the destination. This also applies to all other airports if you are renting a car from SunRays Rent-a-Car Safaris.

10. If I rent a car at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport – JKIA can you arrange for an airport transfer with the car I have rented?

Yes, we can to organize for an airport pick up and transfer for you. We shall not charge anything above the already agreed price. If the group is larger than then the capacity, you have requested, we can work out a plan for your group airport transfer at an additional cost which is dependent on the destination. This also applies to all other airports if you are renting a car from SunRays Rent-a-Car Safaris.

11. Is it cheaper to rent a car at the airport or away from the airport?

There is no difference between renting a car at the airport or away from the airport. The rate of the vehicle is charged according to 2 factors;

  • a. The type of car; The type of car will determine the rate that you will need to pay for hiring it
  • b. The duration of hire; the period in which you intend to hire the car.
CAR RENTAL TYPE: (Sedan/Saloon, Medium SUV, Family haulier, SUV) DURATION: (Days for the period of hire) CAR RENTAL RATE: (per car per day rate) TOTAL: (rate as a factor of the duration of hire and the type of car)
Toyota Axio or Similar
(Sedan/Saloon car
7 $35 $245
Toyota Mark X 7 $55 $385
Toyota Vanguard or Similar
(Medium sized SUV/ Nissan Xtrail/ Rav4)
7 $75 $525
Toyota Noah or Similar
(7 Seater/Stepwagon)
7 $75 $525
Toyota Prado Landcruiser (SUV) 7 $150 $1,050
The table above shows how much it costs to hire different types of cars over a period of time.
  • *rates are subject to VAT at 16%
  • *please ask if there are additional charges while making online payments
  • *rates are subject to change without notice

12. How much does it cost to hire a V8 in Kenya?

It costs between $500 to $450 per day to hire a Toyota Landcruiser V8 in Kenya. The rate is inclusive of a qualified driver, driver’s allowance and a full tank of fuel. The car can carry 3 people comfortably with enough leg room for all. This vehicle is not suitable to drive in these national parks and reserves.

13. When should I book my car hire in Kenya?

It is advisable you book your car hire at least between 4 to 6 weeks before you arrive in Kenya. This in our view is ample time for you to have enough communication exchange to understand the details that are required and also compare car rental rates where possible.

14. Can I hire a car for 3 months?

You are able to hire a car for 3 months or more. The advantage of hiring a car for a longer period is that you can negotiate for better rental rates for the specific vehicle that you intend to hire. If it’s for a much longer period, the we advise that you consider vehicle leasing.

15. What license do I need to drive in Kenya?

An International Driver’s license is most preferred to drive in Kenya. However, if you possess a valid driver’s license from your country of residence and have driver meet the criteria of the acceptable age for hiring a car then that shall be allowed for up to 3 months. After this you shall be required to go to a Kenya Driving School to start the process of acquiring a Kenyan Driver’s License.

16. What is my insurance liability as the driver of a rented car in Kenya?

The renter liability is pegged at 10% of the value of the car at the time of the hire. This rate may vary from organization to organization. Additionally, and more importantly, the renter is also liable for criminal and traffic infringements committed while driving or otherwise under the Law of the Republic of Kenya.

17. Does the car hire company responsible to pay for traffic offence tickets during the period of hire by the renter?

Our car rental company is NOT responsible for any traffic offences and tickets issued to the hirer during the rental period. It is the sole responsibility of the renter to settle all traffic related issues by themselves with the Kenya Police.

18. What side of driving in Kenya?

All vehicles are driven on the left side.

19. What is the age limit allowed to hire a car in Kenya?

You need to be between the ages of 23 and 75 years old to hire a car. Additionally, you also need to have a valid driver’s license and have driven for a period not less than 3 years.

20. Do you have intercity drop off?

Yes, we facilitate an intercity drop off. This will attract an additional charge of fuel and driver’s allowance. Please enquire about these charges while making your booking.

21. Should I hire a car or buy a car while in Kenya?

There are pros and cons of hiring a car visa-a-vie buying one. The main factor that will help guide your decision is what is the period that you will need the car. For short periods – anything below 3 months then hiring would be ideal for you as you will only be paying for the daily rental charge. If you are staying in Kenya for a longer period or you are relocating, then we would advise that you hire a vehicle to get you around as you source for a car to buy. Here is a tip if you are buying a new car shop around to various dealers to know the price ranges among other details.

If you feel that buying a car may not suite you then you can opt to lease a vehicle for a period over a year. To know more about car leasing please follow this link.

22. Who is responsible for when the hired suffers a puncture?

The renter of the car is responsible for the repair of punctures during the period of hire. In the event, that the tyre is irreparable then renter shall be required to get in touch with the office on +254 722 727002 or WhatsApp +254 795 808999 for guidance.

23. What is the minimum period or duration for hiring a car in Nairobi?

SunRays Rent-a-Car Safaris hires our it’s cars for a minimum of 3 days while on self-drive basis. You can however, rent a car for a day while chauffeur driven basis, Executive Transfers, and Airport Transfers. However, the rate may differ slightly depending on the type of car and where your final destination shall be.

24. Can I travel to other countries in a rented vehicle?

Yes, one can travel to other East African countries with our hired car. It is mandatory for this need to be made explicitly in writing upon making the booking. SunRays Rent-a-Car shall provide you should be written authorization from allowing the renter to use the vehicle out of Kenya i.e. Uganda and Tanzania.

Please be advised that there shall be additional administration costs of COMESA insurance, Yellow fever vaccine and custom duties that shall apply over and above the car rental charges of the specific car while crossing the borders and road usage that shall be liable to the client.

We currently DO NOT authorise our vehicles to visit Somalia, Southern Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi.

25. What is a Car Rental Agreement?

This is a written agreement that binds you - the renter and the company - SunRays Rent-a-Car Safaris upon the hire confirmation, with clear stipulated do’s and don’ts. Additionally, the document also stipulates the rate charged as well as the authorised driver as well as the insurance liability, body defects such as dings or dents, tool kits and spare wheel. Upon renting a car from us you shall be required to sign the document as acceptance of the terms and conditions and a copy shall be availed to you.

26. What to do if involved in a car accident where the vehicle is damaged?

  • a. Make sure the driver and passengers of the vehicle are safe from Injury
  • b. Get in touch immediately the SunRays Rent-a-Car Safaris office and inform us of the incident
  • c. Take pictures of the vehicle(s) involved in the accident and share with our organization promptly
  • d. Note down details of the involved driver that include the driver’s license, insurance of the vehicle and registration
  • e. DO NOT accept any liability whatsoever of the accident until the Traffic Police Officers arrive at the scene of the incident and ascertain as such.
  • f. Wait for the Police to assess the situation and collect all the required details of the involved parties. Once the Police assess the situation you will be required to visit the nearest Police station and obtain a Police abstract.
    • i. In the event that the police do not arrive at the scene of the incident, the renter MUST take details of all parties involved, including vehicle registration and contact details and drive to the nearest police station and obtain a police abstract document
  • g. Please be advised that your security and safety is of utmost importance. In case there is violence involved, please seek shelter at the nearest police station
  • h. If the vehicle is not drivable, please contact the SunRays Rent-a- Car Safaris for us to arrange to a road recovery services and a replacement of your hired vehicle. We indent to facilitate this in the quickest time possible but should not take longer than 48 hours from reporting of the incident.

27. Does your company have additional costs on the price shown on the website?

There are no additional costs or hidden charges when hiring a car from SunRays Rent-a-Car Safaris limited.

If you are paying via our online portal, then and only then will a charge of 3.5% commission shall be applicable.

28. Can the renter repair the hired vehicle themselves?

No! Our organization does not allow for the renter of any car to repair it part or full whatever the case may be. We have a designated in-house garage and body shop that repairs all our vehicles regardless of the damage. Unless formally authorized by SunRays Rent-a-Car, the renter MUST under no circumstances whatsoever modify, fix extra accessories or repair the hired or leased vehicle.

29. What grace period is provided for the return of the hired car to be returned?

Upon renting the car the agreed time and location of the return shall be communicated. The renter shall ensure to communicate to our organizations office on any expected delay on the return of the vehicle for a favourable arrangement to be made.

30. Can I hire a car for a day in Nairobi?

Unfortunately, we do not hire a car for a day. The minimum rental period for is 2 days - over the WEEKDAY for a Saloon/Sedan Car, Toyota Rav4/Vanguard/ Toyota Noah and Toyota Prado.

During the weekends the minimum period is 3 days’ rental for a Saloon/Sedan Car, Toyota Rav4/Vanguard/ Toyota Noah and Toyota Prado.

Chauffeur driven car can be hired over a period one day which shall attract a higher rental charge.

31. How can I pay for my booking?

We accept Cash, Debit and Credit Card, MPESA, Cash and Bank Transfer as our modes of payment. The cards we accept include Visa, Amex and MasterCard.

In the case of Wedding Car Rental services, we require 60% advance deposit (non-refundable), the balance is completed 2 days before the wedding day. All other rentals are paid in advance of the service being offered.


  • a. Please be advised that online and card payments shall attract a 3.5% commission over and above the total rental charge.
  • b. All our prices are subject to Value Added Tax at 16%

32. Can I get a refund If I return the car earlier than the scheduled return date?

The renter shall receive a full refund of funds for the days paid for in the event of early return of the vehicle. Please be advised that we do not have a cancellation fee applicable to cars rented from our organization.

33. Can I amend a confirmed car rental booking?

Yes. It is possible for the renter of the car to amend the booking dates. This MUST be done in writing preferable at least 48 hours before the date of hire to ensure necessary alignment and delivery. Amendments can be done through email or telephone with a written email request to follow.

34. How can I cancel my car rental booking in Nairobi?

You can cancel your car rental booking at any time provided that you share the communication at least 24 hours before the commencement of your hire period. You can reach out to us via our official communications channels by telephone +254 722 727002 or WhatsApp +254 795 808999 or email us on

35. Do you offer car rental for corporate organization?

We offer car rental for corporate organizations that include Chauffeur drive car rental, Executive Transfers, Airport transfers, Shuttle Buses transportation for delegates and staff, Group travels and also Vehicle leasing services.

36. What are the benefits of corporate leasing

The benefits of corporate car rental are quite a number. They include;

  • a. Exclusive discounts on monthly rentals – Enjoy up to 30% off on certain vehicles once hired on a long-term monthly basis.
  • b. Invoice Payments – We raise and invoice after your rental period. No advanced payments are made.
  • c. Payment Flexibility – You can pay for the car rental service via various flexible methods including; bank transfers, online payment modes, company cheques, and Telegraphic transfers.
  • d. Co-branding Opportunities – for corporates who wish to have their hired cars branded with the company logo this is a service we provide a no additional cost.

37. Can one visit Kenyan national parks and game reserves with a hired car?

Yes, you can visit most national parks and game reserves with rented car EXCEPT from the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. We strongly recommend that you inform us prior to signing of the rental agreement as to which parks you would intend to visit. SunRays Rent-a-Car Safaris is more than happy to recommend to you a suitable car that will withstand the rugged terrain and offer you a magical Kenyan wildlife viewing experience.

38. What is an international driver’s licence and why do I need one?

The International Driving Licence (IDL) is a document that is acknowledged worldwide and identifies its holder as a licensed driver. For international clients looking to drive and hire a car within Nairobi, we strongly recommend the IDL. It is however not mandatory for our clients among the Commonwealth Nations.

39. Do I need both parts of my British licence to rent a car in Nairobi?

If you have the new photo ID licence you must take the paper part as well. If your licence is not written in Roman characters (e.g. Russian, Chinese, etc.), you will need to obtain an international driver’s permit before you travel from your country of residence.

40. What are the chauffeur working hours if I rent a car with one?

Applicable during working hours 0600 – 1800 hours. For hours over this time shall attract an overtime rate of US$ 5 per hour as a standard employee policy. Drivers overtime charges after 1800 hrs is subject to agreement with the hirer. It is mandatory for Wedding cars, Executive Transfers & Safari vehicles be hired with a driver.

41. What is liability Insurance?

This is whereby in the event of damage or mismanagement of the vehicle, the renter bears full cost of repair for the vehicle, if the cost of repair is less than 10% of the insurance value.

However, if the cost of repair is more than 10% of the vehicles’ insurance value or is written off or lost the renter absorbs the cost of the excess premium provided by the insurance company.

It is the renter’s sole responsibility to ensure that the car is kept at safe and clean environment at all times.

42. Do car hire vehicles in Kenya have a tracking system?

SunRays works with a reliable motor vehicle tracking and security company. Through our partnership and a dedicated internal customer service policy, we have enhanced road recovery services. We also provide a replacement vehicle when need arises at no cost to the renter.

We shall require a refundable security deposit to be left for the vehicle. This is the amount (minimum: Excess) being paid by the hirer’s and it is 100% refundable. in the event, the vehicle is not damaged while in your possession.