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The cost effective way while saving on your business bottomline

SunRays Rent-a-Car Safaris offers an opportunity for local and international organizations to lease vehicles over a long period of time. This feature, we have found to be very attractive with organization setting up shop in Kenya. Some of the benefits include tax incentives as well as safe guarding cash flow for the organizations and also benefit from. It’s not a one-size-fits all approach. We access your company’s needs and offer the best possible solutions to match these exact needs.

Benefits of Leasing

Concentration of Capital;

In a company where the core business does not involve vehicles, it is better to lease and let your capital be utilized to grow and expand your business

Fleet Management and Maintenance;

Leasing insures and maintains the vehicle as per the lease agreement. The customer fuels and only pays for costs occasioned by negligence. Operational issues like fleet management and maintenance are handled for you.

Tax Benefit;

Leasing monthly rentals can be expensed on the balance sheet hence your company derives a corporate tax benefit.


With the lease agreement clearly laid out, transport costs can be forecasted and budgeted for.


After the lease period the vehicles simply go back to the lessor as per the agreement, removing the burden of having to dispose of the vehicles.

Corporate Image;

With leasing you have the option of driving the newest and latest models, which is a boost to your corporate image.