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Sometimes travellers gets confused on what really is the big difference between the FIT tours and Group tours. The former implies you are king in terms of where you want to travel, what activities you would like to do, the latter means you are within the confines of the group you are travelling with, it is more of communal travel. So what are the main advantages of FIT travel vis a vis Group Travel, lets demistify, shall we...

More Flexibility

FIT travel allows last minute changes to your travel itinerary. You can decide to wander off your schedule a little bit. If there are places or destinations that turns out to be your worst nightmare or not as good as you thought, you are free to move on to your next destination or opt for similar. You have some liberty to make changes to your travel plans and are not bogged down by your group mates. At the same time you might love a destination and would like to extend by a few more nights or days, well, it is as simple as that, you have the liberty to do your preferred extensions.

Within your Pace

Independent travel allows you to set your own travel pace. No one is goint to hurry you up and neither are you going to hold someone back if you want to move at a lower pace. You will have a more enrichment of getting to associate with your locals and learn about their cultures by moving at your own pace.

Social Dynamics

You have paid for your dream trip and the day comes and you hop into this group tour and two days down the line, voila! you cannot stand some of the group members and your trip starts turning into a nightmare as you can't stand some of them. Group associations or new friendships can implore easily! With FIT travel, you do not have to deal with such surprises, you maintain your freedon, your space and you decide the "tune" of your travel. With independent travel you can choose who you travel with. If you find you are not getting along with your travel mates you can easily make a quick choice and change directions apart from each other.

Budget Flexibility

While it depends on where you go and what you are doing, sometimes traveling independently can be a bit more friendly on your wallet. Rather than purchasing into a group tour all at once, you can break up your expenses. You have more flexibilty with how much you spend during your trip. Perhaps you start to spend more than you expected in a certain location, you can choose not to do the next activity to try and save yourself some money.